Dear colleagues,

First of all, we hope that you are all safe and sound.

With all that has been going on this past year, we are happy to announce that the 7th Quadrennial IHS Meeting will take place in Barcelona, July 4-8, 2022.

Link to the website for early bird registration is already available. More details will be coming shortly, so please remain patient. However, if you have any questions do not hesitate dropping us a line! We would also like to say in advance that we are trying to provide the safest covid-free environment and are considering the possibility of a dual in-person/partially online meeting.

We look forward to seeing you here in Barcelona.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the 7th Quadrennial Meeting of IHS, Barcelona,

Marta Goula, Co-Chair (

Marcos Roca Cusachs, Co-Chair (

Barcelona, July 2021

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